We provide very professional support and take your company through all stages of ISO implementation till ISO certification.

Depending on the complexity of processes, this may be completed in less than 90 days. We have very experienced experts who have worked with more than 120 companies in East and Central Africa and other parts of the world. We work hard to make sure that minimum time is used to reach the ultimate goal. 


Outsourced Internal Auditing Services

Today’s audit reporting needs go well beyond management system attestation. It’s imperative to have confidence in your organization’s policies, controls, processes and security. It’s equally critical to both have and inspire the same confidence in suppliers, vendors and partners. And that trust can translate into a significant competitive advantage, improving efficiencies and reducing costs. That is why more and more of the world’s leading organizations are choosing to work with Pangolin Quality Consulting Co. Ltd.

Pangolin’s audit practice can provide the rock-solid verification to your organization, customers, suppliers, investors and regulators require. We have the courage and integrity to help you meet these demands by providing a timely and constructive challenge to management, a robust and clear perspective to your audit committee, and transparent information for your stakeholders.

Our audit reports are released on timely manner and in language that is simple to understand. The Non-conformities issues for value adding purpose.

We conduct First Party (Internal Audits), Second Party audits for our clients who are ISO Certified companies and needs to make sure their processes are well maintained as per ISO Standards requirements. We also conduct Third Party Audits for Certification for our International Partners. 


Training Services:

a) Awareness trainings

We offer one-day awareness training to Organizations’ Top Management, HoDs, Technical experts, etc. on the understanding of the International Standards of their choice.

b) ISO Implementers’ Course

We offer a three days training on the Implementation (Establishment of Management Systems) within your organization.

c) Internal Auditors’ Training course

We offer a three days course on ISO 19011:2018…an International Standard for Auditing Management Systems

A person who attends this course will be able to conduct Internal Audits to any of the above mentioned ISO Standards.

d) IRCA Registered Lead Auditor Courses.

The course is registered by IRCA (The International Register for Certified Auditors.

Its a five days very intensive course on ISO 19011:2018…an International Standard for Auditing Management Systems

A person who attends this course will be able to conduct Third Party Audits (Final Certification Audits) to any of the above-mentioned Management Systems in any organization worldwide.